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[Question] No appetite and very little weight loss after a month on paleo… any suggestions?

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Hello all,

When I was in high school, my family ate paleo, and my parents lost a ton of weight on it. I didn’t notice too much of a change, but I had a lot of other stuff going on, and was already pretty active (high level dance classes for multiple hours most nights, etc.), so I just assumed I was continuing to be healthy. However, eight years later, and I have decided to go back to eating paleo after being unable to in college due to dining hall options, and having gained weight from college and some medications (which I am no longer on).

I started on Ash Wednesday (it’s for Lent, but I plan on sticking to it after Easter as well), and now after a month of strict paleo, I feel awful. I broke out in a horrible full-body rash the second week, assumed it was because of food allergies (I have oral allergy syndrome, a severe almond allergy, and I’m celiac), and tried to avoid whatever the potential trigger foods were. However, midway through that second week I completely lost my appetite, and I haven’t regained it. It’s to the point where the sight, smell, or idea of food makes me nauseous, and no matter what I try to eat I struggle to keep it down. I’m drinking plenty of water every day, but can’t eat more than a handful of cashews or a small piece of chicken in a day. I’ve been drinking coconut milk to try and keep the fat intake up, but even that makes me feel sick after more than one glass in a day.

On top of all of that, I have a horrible taste in my mouth, and I seem to be burning easily in the sun, which wasn’t really the case before. My father was always so pleased at how much more sun he could tolerate when eating paleo, being someone who burned easily, so I was shocked at this. I’ve also only lost 6 pounds this month, which is the standard amount my weight usually fluctuates over the course of a month. Finally, I’ve noticed that I’m experiencing more depressive dips than I have in a while, even though so many people rave about the positive effects of paleo on mental health.

I’ve been adhering to the paleo diet entirely, or as much as I can without being able to eat much. The closest I’ve come to a “cheat” food was a piece of 70% dark chocolate, in an attempt to get my stomach to accept food, but other than that one instance I’ve been trying to eat eggs, nuts, fish, chicken, beef, bananas, grapefruit, and all of the vegetables I’m not allergic to. I made paleo animal crackers with coconut flour, a bit of honey, cinnamon, and eggs, and even those I’ve been struggling to eat. Again, I’m really only eating at max the equivalent of a cup of food a day, always something that is paleo, and I am drinking tons of water. My caloric intake is obviously very low, and although my energy levels are usually pretty good during the day, after 5:30 they tend to drop to the point where I’m taking multiple naps before just going to bed at 10 PM. I don’t hit the gym regularly, but there’s a lot of walking involved with my job, so I know I’m getting a few miles in every day, as well as a ton of stairs. I do take a Vitamin D supplement every morning, as well as a multivitamin, so I’m sure that’s helping me some, but I would like my nutrients to come from food I’m able to eat!

Does anyone have any suggestions to get some of my appetite back? I know that calorie reduction can help with weight loss, but I’m sure that under 300 calories a day for almost a month is just not good. Also, any ideas on what could be causing the horrible taste in my mouth? (I’m a 23 year old female)

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Wife is 3 months Paleo and has weight gain/no energy, I need diet advice for her.

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I’m asking this for my fiance, she has been doing a semi-strict paleo diet for a bit over 3 months and at first (like the first month) but she has put on about 15 pounds around her stomach and I’m kind of worried about her, she also takes a lot of naps and sweats at night so we barely get intimate anymore. She does really well until the mid afternoon generally but then she just crashes and I barely even see her the rest of the day.

I’m an 8 year strict vegan personally but I respect her choices and know that it isn’t for her and am mainly just wondering how we can adjust what she eats to fix this, she eats a lot of steak, ribs, bacon, potatoes, etc mostly normal stuff but she does cheat once a week and eats dairy but other than that she follows the rules pretty much. She heavily dislikes fish but likes chicken and is meh towards turkey. She doesn’t care much for vegetables but eats broccoli when I make it for her. She does have some health issues and is diabetic and early signs of heart disease as she was about 250lb’s when we met but I forced her to excersize with me a few times a week and quit fast food and she managed to get down to 190 over the last year when she first went paleo but is now up to 205. I didn’t fall in love with her over looks btw, we fell in love because we could talk for hours and had similar interests and it just happened lol.

I love her a ton and I want to marry and grow old with her but she always says she is tired and I’ve caught her drinking soda pop on multiple occasions recently and she says she does it for the caffeine… I heard sweet potatoes are paleo and I like them as well so I cook them for her but she says she doesn’t like them and only ate 3 bites so I’m back to square one. She will eat half a cup of broccoli if I add butter to hers but if I don’t she hates it. I’ve tried getting her to help me cook but she hates cooking and has always preferred frozen dinners as well as fast food and ordering pizza but I told her I won’t allow anything like that in the house and I knew she hates veggies and would never go vegan so she said she’d go paleo if I cooked everything which is fine.

It’s getting to where I don’t think she has her heart into being healthy despite me trying my best to make it easy for her, so if anyone has some paleo recipes that she would like the taste of please help me, I’m literally begging you all honestly! I literally just made a profile on her to ask this and despite how much I love and care about her I have limits which hurts to say but it’s true.

Thank you all for reading!

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[Question] Strict diet gaining weight

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Hi guys I’m a little stuck and was hoping to get some input from my fellow redditors. I’ll start with my question, then give a brief history of my nutrition successes/failures.

I just finished a Whole30 and my issue is that I can’t lose weight. A few stats:

35 M 6’2"

SW: 226 (this is the day I started Whole30)

CW: 228

Starting body comp (bodpod): 26% body fat (58 pound fat, 167 pound lean)

I think I’m reasonably strong and have a decent amount of lean mass, just can’t seem to lose fat.


Back Squat: 405 lb

Flat Bench: 300 lb

Deadlift: 500 lb

I currently crossfit 3 days a week and run 3-5 miles 1-2 times per week.

Some brief history:

I switched to a paleo way of eating about 7 years ago and lost about 15 pounds over about 2 months. At that point I was pretty lean (I’d estimate about 10-15% body fat), weighing around 190-200 lbs. I was very happy with my physique, energy, and strength. I was slightly less strong than I am now, but not markedly so. I slowly regained weight over the next 5 or so years up to where I am now. I normally stick to a mostly paleo way of eating with a focus on meat and fat as my main calorie sources. I never had to count calories to lose weight initially. I do enjoy wine and craft beer and I figured this was the main source of my extra calories and weight gain. However, over the last 3 months I have severely limited alcohol from averaging 20 or so drinks a week now to about 5-10. Over the last 30 days I consumed no alcohol (doing a strict whole30) and still didn’t lose any weight. To be honest the whole 30 was pretty much how I eat anyway minus the etoh. Just to cut out the obvious stuff I am not making gluten free crackers, nut butters, or fruit the focus of my whole 30 diet. I’m mostly eating meat and vegetables with some squash and sweet potatoes on workout days. Quite frustrating.

Is this just me getting old? Any tips on where to go from here? I know that if I do a calorie restricted diet I can lose weight in the short term but I’m looking for something I can stick to for the rest of my life. I plan to get another bod pod done in November to see if my ratios have changed at all.

Thanks for reading.

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[Other] Looking for advice/ suggestions/ inspiration/ and success stories from anyone who has beaten inflammatory illnesses, IBS, GORD, bloat, weight gain, etc with Paleo diet (+/- supplements). Cracked it! Thanks everyone :-)

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As the headline suggests, I’ve cracked it with western medicine and the normal western diet. There’s something horribly wrong with how we live, how we eat, how we exercise.

I used to be a tiny stick of a person, some weight I gained was good weight, but since then I’ve gained 20kg in the last 4-6 years (it’s yo-yo’d a bit) and am now a solid 15-20kg over my goal healthy weight, with a lot of fat around my tummy and thighs. I am constantly bloated so bad I look 9 months pregnant and sometimes get congratulated by strangers on my pregnancy/ upcoming baby. I’m. Not. Pregnant.

Over the years I’ve had numerous blood test, CT scans, colonoscopy, gastroscopy x2, ultrasounds. I’ve seen various specialists, costing me hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Not ever has anyone found anything wrong except inflammation- I’ve now been diagnosed with gastritis and reflux, recurrent sinusitis, recurrent cystitis, IBS, PCOS. Aka, lots of inflammation. But no cause of it- no immune problems, nothing. Blood tests all normal. I’ve been tried on various medications over the years- antibiotics (many times), birth control, ibs meds, anti-histamines (yet I’m not allergic to anything??), cortico-steroids, anti-depressants, anti-psychotics, medications for acid-reflux/ proton pump inhibitors). None of them have completely resolved the symptoms, it’s only gotten worse and worse and worse.

I went to a new GP wanting help with the above and walked away with THREE referrals (to doctors working in specialities that I’ve already been through), more tests (that I’ve already done many times) and TWO new suggestions for MORE MEDICATIONS (which I refused).


I am young. I’m in the prime of my life. There is nothing actually wrong with me, every test is normal except they show inflammation of unknown cause. I’m not lactose or glucose intolerant, yet I’ve tried restricting both to no success, I’ve tried low-FODMAP, I’ve tried low-carb. I’m on FIVE regular medications (including a low-dose antibiotic that I’ve been on for months) plus have to regularly use other medications to treat symptoms that arise. I have had a congested and blocked nose for years despite surgery.

This Is Not Right

What the HELL is this? How can any doctor or any sane person think this is normal for a young, healthy, woman?

I’ve CRACKED IT. I want CHANGE. I want to be WELL. I want a flat belly, not a giant baby belly. I want to breathe through my nose.

This is madness!

So I’m going paleo, starting tomorrow. No “weaning into it”. Grains, dairy, legumes- they’re all out.

I’m also going to try a high-quality probiotic, probably a HCL supplement. I’m hoping to see a naturopath very soon and am prepared to pay the cost- I just want to be WELL again.

I’m posting because I’m desperate, frustrated, scared, alone, and I don’t know anyone who has symptoms like mine, or who has found wellness with paleo, or seen improvement. I don’t even know anyone who eats paleo. I’ve tried telling people I want to try paleo and they start going on about how it’s “complete nonsense” and “we’ve evolved to eat grains now”, and “cavemen mostly starved and died at the age of 30 so it’s hardly a good lifestyle choice” and “you can’t just cut out entire food groups and expect to get better, you’ll miss out on important nutrition”.

It’s bumming me out. My partner is supportive but sceptical, he’s seen me try low-carb and low-fodmap, neither of which helped (in-fact on low-carb I kept crying cos I was so damn hungry no matter how much I ate).

So I just wanted some support, some words of encouragement and advice, and most desperately of all: success stories.

Please, if you’ve had a chronic illness/ annoying symptoms and paleo helped or eliminated those problems please let me know, I’d love to hear about it!

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