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Maple syrup cake

I made this recipe for maple syrup cake for the stewardess’ birthday. I substituted rice milk and maizena gluten free flour mix for tarts and crepes (rice and potato flour, gust and xanthem gum, some other additives). As usual I added some dry yeast and a little extra baking soda (actually it was bicarbonate soda) to combat the gluten free effect.

I only used about ½ a cup of maple syrup and put it in a bread pan. It seemed plenty and I had some trouble to cover the syrup with the batter.

In fact I added extra rice milk when creating the batter, since it was incredibly firm. This is what it looked like before going into the pan.

I also combined all dry and wet ingredients before putting them together and I think it would have been better to cream the butter and sugar like the recipe asks.

Lastly, I used oven roasted and subsequently peeled/crushed hazelnuts and some crushed cashews since we had no pecans or walnuts (or anything else really since I put allllll the nuts in my cakes.

The result: the recipe says cook for 20-30 minutes and my industrial oven usually cooks faster than most recipes require. The above photo is after the full 30 minutes of cooking.

I let it cool a tad before taking it out of the pan. Actually I think it would have been easier to cut out if I hadn’t of waited.

After some time out of the pan it started to sink a bit in the middle where the candle is. I guessed that those nuts are heavy. Next time I won’t add any extra milk to the batter.

We finally cut the cake and low and behold- the inside was still uncooked and the outsides barely cooked. It still tasted good but would not have been ok to serve to guests. It’s strange. My oven produces browned potatoes after just 25 minutes. So why the undercooking?.

The maple also was not enough and it was not caramelised. It was sort of between runny and thick/hard. Perhaps it should have been heated more.

Ideas for next time: a layer of well cooked but not totally browned caramel (don’t want it to burn) then the nuts (pecans or walnuts) and then the maple syrup layer. To make sure the maple runs down the sides I won’t put the caramel on the sides. It will be only in the bottom aka the top. Then half the cake batter and then a bit more maple and a few thin slices of pear. Then the rest, cooked slower and longer.

Also the consistency of the cake was bad. So next time I’ll cream the butter and sugar AT ROOM TEMPERATURE and not just add the sugar to the dry ingredients. I’ll also use brown sugar or half brown half white and a touch of nutmeg or cinnamon would go well. Lastly I’ll fold in the dry ingredients, and maybe substitute some of the gluten free flour with a nut meal

Author: cooksglory

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