[Other] Looking for advice/ suggestions/ inspiration/ and success stories from anyone who has beaten inflammatory illnesses, IBS, GORD, bloat, weight gain, etc with Paleo diet (+/- supplements). Cracked it! Thanks everyone :-)

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As the headline suggests, I’ve cracked it with western medicine and the normal western diet. There’s something horribly wrong with how we live, how we eat, how we exercise.

I used to be a tiny stick of a person, some weight I gained was good weight, but since then I’ve gained 20kg in the last 4-6 years (it’s yo-yo’d a bit) and am now a solid 15-20kg over my goal healthy weight, with a lot of fat around my tummy and thighs. I am constantly bloated so bad I look 9 months pregnant and sometimes get congratulated by strangers on my pregnancy/ upcoming baby. I’m. Not. Pregnant.

Over the years I’ve had numerous blood test, CT scans, colonoscopy, gastroscopy x2, ultrasounds. I’ve seen various specialists, costing me hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Not ever has anyone found anything wrong except inflammation- I’ve now been diagnosed with gastritis and reflux, recurrent sinusitis, recurrent cystitis, IBS, PCOS. Aka, lots of inflammation. But no cause of it- no immune problems, nothing. Blood tests all normal. I’ve been tried on various medications over the years- antibiotics (many times), birth control, ibs meds, anti-histamines (yet I’m not allergic to anything??), cortico-steroids, anti-depressants, anti-psychotics, medications for acid-reflux/ proton pump inhibitors). None of them have completely resolved the symptoms, it’s only gotten worse and worse and worse.

I went to a new GP wanting help with the above and walked away with THREE referrals (to doctors working in specialities that I’ve already been through), more tests (that I’ve already done many times) and TWO new suggestions for MORE MEDICATIONS (which I refused).


I am young. I’m in the prime of my life. There is nothing actually wrong with me, every test is normal except they show inflammation of unknown cause. I’m not lactose or glucose intolerant, yet I’ve tried restricting both to no success, I’ve tried low-FODMAP, I’ve tried low-carb. I’m on FIVE regular medications (including a low-dose antibiotic that I’ve been on for months) plus have to regularly use other medications to treat symptoms that arise. I have had a congested and blocked nose for years despite surgery.

This Is Not Right

What the HELL is this? How can any doctor or any sane person think this is normal for a young, healthy, woman?

I’ve CRACKED IT. I want CHANGE. I want to be WELL. I want a flat belly, not a giant baby belly. I want to breathe through my nose.

This is madness!

So I’m going paleo, starting tomorrow. No “weaning into it”. Grains, dairy, legumes- they’re all out.

I’m also going to try a high-quality probiotic, probably a HCL supplement. I’m hoping to see a naturopath very soon and am prepared to pay the cost- I just want to be WELL again.

I’m posting because I’m desperate, frustrated, scared, alone, and I don’t know anyone who has symptoms like mine, or who has found wellness with paleo, or seen improvement. I don’t even know anyone who eats paleo. I’ve tried telling people I want to try paleo and they start going on about how it’s “complete nonsense” and “we’ve evolved to eat grains now”, and “cavemen mostly starved and died at the age of 30 so it’s hardly a good lifestyle choice” and “you can’t just cut out entire food groups and expect to get better, you’ll miss out on important nutrition”.

It’s bumming me out. My partner is supportive but sceptical, he’s seen me try low-carb and low-fodmap, neither of which helped (in-fact on low-carb I kept crying cos I was so damn hungry no matter how much I ate).

So I just wanted some support, some words of encouragement and advice, and most desperately of all: success stories.

Please, if you’ve had a chronic illness/ annoying symptoms and paleo helped or eliminated those problems please let me know, I’d love to hear about it!

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