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Hi guys I’m a little stuck and was hoping to get some input from my fellow redditors. I’ll start with my question, then give a brief history of my nutrition successes/failures.

I just finished a Whole30 and my issue is that I can’t lose weight. A few stats:

35 M 6’2"

SW: 226 (this is the day I started Whole30)

CW: 228

Starting body comp (bodpod): 26% body fat (58 pound fat, 167 pound lean)

I think I’m reasonably strong and have a decent amount of lean mass, just can’t seem to lose fat.


Back Squat: 405 lb

Flat Bench: 300 lb

Deadlift: 500 lb

I currently crossfit 3 days a week and run 3-5 miles 1-2 times per week.

Some brief history:

I switched to a paleo way of eating about 7 years ago and lost about 15 pounds over about 2 months. At that point I was pretty lean (I’d estimate about 10-15% body fat), weighing around 190-200 lbs. I was very happy with my physique, energy, and strength. I was slightly less strong than I am now, but not markedly so. I slowly regained weight over the next 5 or so years up to where I am now. I normally stick to a mostly paleo way of eating with a focus on meat and fat as my main calorie sources. I never had to count calories to lose weight initially. I do enjoy wine and craft beer and I figured this was the main source of my extra calories and weight gain. However, over the last 3 months I have severely limited alcohol from averaging 20 or so drinks a week now to about 5-10. Over the last 30 days I consumed no alcohol (doing a strict whole30) and still didn’t lose any weight. To be honest the whole 30 was pretty much how I eat anyway minus the etoh. Just to cut out the obvious stuff I am not making gluten free crackers, nut butters, or fruit the focus of my whole 30 diet. I’m mostly eating meat and vegetables with some squash and sweet potatoes on workout days. Quite frustrating.

Is this just me getting old? Any tips on where to go from here? I know that if I do a calorie restricted diet I can lose weight in the short term but I’m looking for something I can stick to for the rest of my life. I plan to get another bod pod done in November to see if my ratios have changed at all.

Thanks for reading.

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