Wife is 3 months Paleo and has weight gain/no energy, I need diet advice for her.

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I’m asking this for my fiance, she has been doing a semi-strict paleo diet for a bit over 3 months and at first (like the first month) but she has put on about 15 pounds around her stomach and I’m kind of worried about her, she also takes a lot of naps and sweats at night so we barely get intimate anymore. She does really well until the mid afternoon generally but then she just crashes and I barely even see her the rest of the day.

I’m an 8 year strict vegan personally but I respect her choices and know that it isn’t for her and am mainly just wondering how we can adjust what she eats to fix this, she eats a lot of steak, ribs, bacon, potatoes, etc mostly normal stuff but she does cheat once a week and eats dairy but other than that she follows the rules pretty much. She heavily dislikes fish but likes chicken and is meh towards turkey. She doesn’t care much for vegetables but eats broccoli when I make it for her. She does have some health issues and is diabetic and early signs of heart disease as she was about 250lb’s when we met but I forced her to excersize with me a few times a week and quit fast food and she managed to get down to 190 over the last year when she first went paleo but is now up to 205. I didn’t fall in love with her over looks btw, we fell in love because we could talk for hours and had similar interests and it just happened lol.

I love her a ton and I want to marry and grow old with her but she always says she is tired and I’ve caught her drinking soda pop on multiple occasions recently and she says she does it for the caffeine… I heard sweet potatoes are paleo and I like them as well so I cook them for her but she says she doesn’t like them and only ate 3 bites so I’m back to square one. She will eat half a cup of broccoli if I add butter to hers but if I don’t she hates it. I’ve tried getting her to help me cook but she hates cooking and has always preferred frozen dinners as well as fast food and ordering pizza but I told her I won’t allow anything like that in the house and I knew she hates veggies and would never go vegan so she said she’d go paleo if I cooked everything which is fine.

It’s getting to where I don’t think she has her heart into being healthy despite me trying my best to make it easy for her, so if anyone has some paleo recipes that she would like the taste of please help me, I’m literally begging you all honestly! I literally just made a profile on her to ask this and despite how much I love and care about her I have limits which hurts to say but it’s true.

Thank you all for reading!

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